Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Astrology, Tarot, Goddess Amulets & Life Coaching

When you sit with Maria you will hear the Oracle Speak!
Maria Gurule, Shaman, Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Audient, Sentient; Psychic, Multi-Dimensional Communicator, Skywalker, Spiritual and Life Coach, Healer or body, mind and spirit.
A reading with Maria leaves you in awe; it is as though she knows everything about you. Waves of joy wash over you because you feel that someone truly understands. She gives you wise counsel and you feel the trust of a friend that understands you intimately. Maria puts you in contact with your angels, guides and masters and most importantly with you highest high self. Maria blends spirituality with mental, emotional and psychological wellness to assist you in your process.
Oftentimes Maria’s readings involve physical healing. If it is needed a healing comes in automatically and she will let you know if this is occurring during your reading. This is apart from requesting an Etheric Multi-Dimensional Healing for a specific health challenge.
Maria fills you with inspiration and provides reasonable solutions and direction. She helps you to reach new levels of thinking and emotional wellness. Only by experiencing (not a cliché) a session with her will you fully understand the empowerment and direction you will receive. When people leave her sessions they are enlightened with pure knowledge and truth. Maria uses all her abilities to help you achieve your dreams or begin a new quest.
She helps you to clear away the pain and experience healing which gives you the courage and strength to face life. Today fear seems a major challenge for many people and she shows you how to overcome it through your spiritual connection to your Divine Self and trust in the Source-the Divine Mother and God.
Everything Maria does is in alignment with the Divine Mother and God, the Star Elders, many Master and Archangels. Maria opens the gateways for you to expand your consciousness and reach self-awareness and self-actualization. Maria works with the Prime Mover of the Universe aka The Great Spirit.
Why get a Reading?
Ensure that you are in alignment with you highest purpose
Helps you to make valuable life choices
Brings awareness about other people’s agendas toward you
Body health Scan
Meet your Angels, Guides and Masters, contact your highest high self
Know the future indicators that will affect your life and be prepared to choose the outcome
Maria puts you in contact with your deceased friends and loved ones; which includes pets
To ensure that you get the full benefit from your reading, it is important to have your list of questions ahead of time. Your session is recorded and mailed to you.